Platinum deposit – 100 gram


Platinum Bars are one of the rarest metals on earth, it is 30x rarer than gold. Due to the versatility of platinum, with its application in environmentally friendly solutions, electric cars and the medical industry– the metal is currently undervalued. Most experts expect platinum to have a surge in demand in coming years for its futuristic opportunities. 

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In the current economic climate, many people are investing in high value goods as a way to hedge against inflation and devaluation. Our trusted storage vaults are the perfect place for you to store your assets. If you don’t feel your capital is safe with the bank, you can feel secure that we will protect your investment.

How we work:

-We only sell Degussa Platinum Bars  

-20% VAT included 

-Prices will vary depending on selection

-Postage will also be charged.


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