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Why do shares belong to the category of tangible assets?


Real estate is the classic investment, but what are the pitfalls?

Become and expert.

Foreign exchange trading or “Forex” is a special form of investment in the highly speculative sector. We talk about this along with Crypto Currencies.

Our Priorities:

We help clarify questions:

Trading in commodities, whether energy (oil and gas) or so-called soft commodities (kakaou, wheat, corns, etc.) are a high-risk investment. They are only suitable for people with 1. A lot of money 2. Strong nerves 3. A lot of time.

We offer advice and tips.

What is so special about art or classic cars? Quite simply, it is the DEMAND.

As on the stock exchange, these assets also have special challenges and need to expertise to help you navigate through potential challenges.

We teach you the smart way.

We teach you the smart way.

How safe are certain investments and bonds?

At CFC, we explain finance and approach learning through an interactive way.

Financial Education is at the root of everything we do.

We explain RISK.

Sight deposits, term deposits, savings deposits, savings letters and bonds, capital life insurance, “risk-free” government bonds, (A+B).

Risikoklassen 4 – 6

We offer clarity.

Warrant bonds, money market funds, bond funds (in euro), bonds, equity funds, other investment certificates, foreign currency bonds, (C+D)

Risikoklassen 7 – 10

We explain RISK:

Equities, alternative investments, alternative investment funds, credit funds, futures, profit participation certificates, hedge funds, high-yield bonds, catastrophe bonds, media funds, microfinance funds, warrants, ship funds, subordinated savings certificates, structured financial products, venture capital or even a margin obligation for certain forms of investment that have not been further described here!(E)

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