CFC secures your assets.


We offer investment packages in physical gold, silver, platinum, or diamonds.

Physical metals like gold, silver and platinum are worth holding on to because they are universal finite currency. They are held by most central banks and serve as financial insurance


Most metals are not investments, rather a form of savings, you wouldn’t trade an insurance policy, and similarly shouldn’t trade your assets.

Depending on your storage needs we can deliver your assets to your home or to one of our secure facilities.


CFC Deposits and Savings Ltd., work based on customer needs. We pride ourselves in providing tailored solutions on how to purchase gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds; outside of the UK for investment purposes. We offer offshore storage and advice on how to best protect your investment portfolio- from live market data to certified storage vaults..

Our Priorities:

We work for you.

We accept various payment methods and are equipped to give you cash for gold sold through us (with suitable notice). We also accept Lombard credits with the intention of being as flexible minded as we can for your benefit.

We offer expertise.

With myriad experience, CFC Savings and Deposits Ltd. offers advice and expertise every step of the way. We are mindful about your earnings and keep you informed of you assets journey.

We think ahead.

In the current economic climate, many people are investing in high value goods as a way to hedge against inflation and devaluation. Our trusted storage vaults are the perfect place for you to store your assets.

Financial security is at the root of everything we do.


Our experience in trading secures your safety in deposits and savings. We have been trading metals since 1990 with members of staff holding over 30 years of experience in the commodity business.

We also provide more details on our experience at TV4U our CFC Group Investment/Finance channel.


CFC Deposits and Savings Ltd., can ensure the safety of your investments with our certified storage solution in the Diamond district of Antwerp or next to our administration office in Leicester. We have high-end storage facilities with over 25 years of experience in high value storage.


We work in four stages, these include transference, identity confirmation, further identification, and safe box confirmation.

Each stage is to take every measure of security possible and ensure superior customer service. With us, you can buy and sell your assets with a trusted and professional team.




Founder and Director

Raw materials have always determined my life!

With over 30 years experience in capital markets, and the fact I have lived in over 10 countries, I have a treasure trove of genuine experience that cannot yet be found in any book. In 1991, I took my first Series 3 exam in London- it was an absolute must if you wanted to work for a broker in the city. My first point of contact was with Esprit Brokers/MeesPierson Derivatives Ltd. London. My connections from the city grew to New York, I worked with banks, brokers and fund managers that can confirm my “initiative, S3 and S7 are a perquisite for employment in trading.”
With that note, I now work to help those with a similar career drive across the globe.


Founder and Lecturer

In these changing financial markets, broader knowledge is needed!

I have been a lecturer at the University of Leicester for over 4 years. My PhD topic centred on mortgage financing litigation and the credit creation functions of commercial banks. In recent years, my teaching has focussed primarily on financial markets, international business and accounting.

I’m passionate about teaching financial literacy to a wider audience, and giving people the legal and financial tools they need to navigate the world of today, as well as tomorrow.


The Team

The TEAM works collectively and compassionately to ensure the very best outcome and most sustainable action is continuously happening.

Each member of our team has a key position whether a cameraman, web designer, content creator, coder, financial analyst, psychologist, and so on- each person has special knowledge, and their creativity helps us to build something truly amazing together.

We are proud to be working in such a trustworthy, reliable and responsible team that shares common values, and works with the best intentions for our planet and each other.

CFC Family

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